MeshMAX 3500: A4

MeshMAX 5054: A4

Technical Specs:

MeshMAX 3500: A4

MeshMAX 5054: A4


MeshMAX Product Series

Proximˇ¦s MeshMAX? product line integrates three technologies, WiMAX, Wi-FiR Mesh and Wi-Fi, in one small unit!MeshMAX is a tri-radio, outdoor device offering Wi-Fi connectivity for access, Wi-Fi mesh gateway for network redundancy and a high capacity, carrier-class WiMAX link for backhaul. The convergence of these three technologies in one unit delivers end-to-end QoS for triple-play applications, a reduction in total cost of ownership and investment protection for future developments in WiMAX!

Experienced in WiMAX and Wi-Fi Applications

Drawing on Proximˇ¦s expertise in WiMAX and Wi-Fi Mesh Technologies, the MeshMAX product line encapsulates the best in class features of the award-winning Tsunami WiMAX and ORiNOCO mesh product families. Proxim is uniquely positioned to offer this leading-edge product given our extensive experience in delivering Wi-Fi and WiMAX solutions.

  • End to end product portfolio consisting of WLAN, Wi-Fi Mesh, WiMAX and Point-to-Point
  • Tri-radio design provides one radio for WiMAX backhaul for distribution, one radio for Wi-Fi mesh link and one radio for exclusive Wi-Fi access traffic
  • End-to-end QoS from access to distribution to support voice and video
    • IEEE 802.11e draft QoS support for access and enhanced QoS on mesh link
    • IEEE 802.16e QoS support for WiMAX wireless backhaul link
    • 802.1D to 802.1p priority mapping and 802.1D to IP DSCP mapping

Simplifies Network Architecture, Deployment and Management

Reducing network complexity, minimizing time of deployment and increasing ease of installation, the MeshMAX accelerates the network operatorˇ¦s time to money.

  • Less nodes to install, deploy and manage
  • Single management interface reduces time for service and support
  • Provides consistent deployment and user experience to Tsunami? MP.11, Tsunami MP.16 and ORiNOCO Mesh Access Point product lines

Significantly Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Lowest deployment cost per square mile
  • Reducing the number of nodes decreases installation and management time and minimizes associated costs
  • Low power consumption and solar power options reduce operating expenses

Investment Protection

WiMAX and mesh networks consisting of the Tsunami WiMAX products, ORiNOCO Mesh Access Points and MeshMAX radios enable a service provider to establish a customer base and capture a head start on securing the WiMAX mobile market.

  • Current MeshMAX product features WiMAX QoS and roaming with unprecedented mobility capabilities
  • MeshMAX platform enables support of all mobile WiMAX and Wi-Fi clients