Quick Bridge


Techincal Specs:


Tsunami QuickBridge Series

Tsunami QuickBridge Series include the easiest-to-install outdoor bridges on the market X links can be installed in a couple of hours, not days. The solution includes two radio units with integrated antennas, cables, mounting hardware and all of the necessary documentation. As the most cost-effective point-to-point solution from Proxim, any deployments will enjoy a quick return on investment.

Tsunami QuickBridge point to point links offer the easiest-to-install Ethernet bridge on the market. Consisting of the Quickbridge.11 Series, the Tsunami QuickBridge product line offers a complete hop-in-a-box solution, including everything required to set up the link right out of the box. Available with up to 54 Mbps aggregate throughput, the QuickBridge bundles provide a cost effective solution and guarantee a quick return on investment.

The Tsunami QuickBridge.11 Series operates in the 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. Consistent with the Tsunami MP.11 Series, the QuickBridge.11 features QoS support for converged video, voice and data, enhanced security with AES encryption, high-performance with Dynamic Data Rate Selection and WORP, as well as a high power 5 GHz version for extended range.