Proxim Vision ES

Datasheet: A4


ProximVision ES

ProximVision ES provides rapid network deployment, mobile configuration and greater ease of use in a software-based Network Management System - giving you a complete view of your wireless network.


Rapid Network Deployment

ProximVision ES automates configuration processes for faster, more efficient deployment of Proxim Wireless networks.

  • Automatic configuration capabilities enable network managers to quickly replicate existing network settings across new network nodes
  • User-friendly interface enables you to group, manage and configure all devices available on your wireless network
  • Auto discovery of network devices makes identifying APs for configuration a snap

Mobile Configuration Capabilities

ProximVision ES gives network managers a mobile option for exhaustive device configuration with a software-based tool.

  • Network managers take configuration capabilities with them to address isolated networks
  • Exhaustive device configuration capabilities
  • ProximVision ES segments the overall network, enabling simpler mobile monitoring and management of the network and devices

Greater Ease of Use and Upgradability

ProximVision ES can support a greater number of APs than competitively priced solutions, and provides the simplest path to configuration and upgrade.

  • Once networks are configured and deployed, ProximVision ES provides the ability to automatically reconfigure or perform firmware upgrades on an entire group of devices simultaneously
  • Real-time monitoring of devices across the entire wireless network, providing diagnostics and alerts to quickly identify errors and troubleshoot them
  • Integrated device inventory reports enables quick assessment of the network

ProximVision ES is ideal for configuring and managing the entire Proxim wireless network for:

  • SMBs
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Government/municipal/public safety