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Proxim has a heritage of excellence indeveloping and providing next-generation wireless networking systems.

We wrotethe book on Wi-Fi, and have since developed technologies to bring the power of wireless outdoors, over longer ranges and at higher speeds - including Wi-Fi mesh, WiMAX and carrier-class point-to-point systems. Our solutions can address virtually any network need with equal performance and at a franction of the cost and installation time compared to traditional wired infrastructure.

Today, the story of cities and towns being covered with wireless networks is one that is widely heard and told. As many as one out of every two localities is considering or even implementing such a network. Common applications include: Bridging the Digital Divide. Low-cost or free Internet access for low-income citizens, possibly subsidized by premiums for value-added services for other citizens and businesses. Powering Public Safety. Heightened concerns about public safety, coupled with the dedication if certain radio frequency bands for public safety organizations for this purpose. Attracting and Enabling Commerce. Another key constituent of a community, and one which provides the economic backbone, is the business sector. This group has been as affected by inequality of information access, if not more so, and is looking for a home with sophisticated communications infrastructure. Advancing State, Local and City Government. Municipalities can take advantage of improved communications technologies and simultaneously cut costs. Segments of the govermment from the school system to parking enforcement can exceed their objectives with new tools.

A network serving multiple user groups will have a more diverse and viable base of funding; a network based on a combination of complementary technologies ensures that network performance and scalability, and hence user experience, are as robust as possible. Such networks can only be successful if they are based on a scalable architecture including four elements: edge access; local distribution; metropolitan aggregation; and backhaul to the core. Proxim is the only company which can provide the entire solution, thus delivering a number of advantages to our customers. First, they cna deal with a single vendor for all their networking needs thereby increasing personnel efficiency and speed of deployment. Second, they can receive products that have been engineered and designed to work together rather than having to worry about interoperability of products acquired from multiple vendors. Third, for customer support after the sale, they can place a single call of Proxim Wireless rather than having to call multiple vendors.